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The Ultimate Quality

Our supplements are based on the highest industry standards, using high quality ingredients and providing premium nutritional supplements based on verifiable science. The formula is based on functional medicine concepts and has a very high bio-availability rate.


NFL Project

We donate 1% of all proceeds to the NFL Project, our natural farming initiative, and through the NFL, we are revolutionizing food safety, the environmental crisis caused by pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and healthy food production.

Created by us

Yuta Ishikawa

Founder of POSSIM Corporation. Entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and owner of 4 companies in Japan and abroad. He is currently devoting his entire life to the creation of a society in which "disease prevention is a normal part of life" through education in advanced preventive medicine throughout Japan and around the world.

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Creating a society where all people can realize 100% of their potential.

The word "POSSIM"

is derived from our mission

to maximize people's Potential.

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Supplement designed by a Doctor

There are just too many supplements on the market, and often it is hard to chose the right ones.

POSSIM supplements have been developed with the cooperation of physicians to address these concerns of our customers.

Dr.CC Lim

Specialist in Functional and Integrative Medicine

Malaysia's foremost expert in functional medicine. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Board Certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM).

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